Answered Prayers


Answered Prayers
2014 Cockyboys

Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Jake Bass, Max Carter, Levi Karter, Dean Monroe, Max Ryder, Ricky Roman, Chris Harder, Bravo Delta,
Dillon Rossi, Diesel Washington, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, Frankie Valentine, Tayte Hanson and Levi Michaels

    Jake Jaxson movies cannot be put into a category... you have everything from Project Go Go Boys to  Haunting to A
Thing of Beauty and the only thing they have in common is that they are good.  If you want to watch porn to just see men
having sex, don't watch this movie because it will make you think and evaluate your life and hot sexy naked men are just a
sidebar. First we have Jake Bass teasing and taunting Ricky Roman in a sexual way that would make the "50 Shades of Grey"
people blush. When Roman finally put his dick in Bass's hole you could almost feel the sexual release. Next we have as The
Healer the return of Diesel Washington, and as The Bully, Chris Harder. It looks like Harder is looking for forgiveness from
Washington. By the time Washington finally shoves his dick in Harder's mouth, you are almost going to be as happy as Harder
that is until Washington puts his tongue up Harder's ass. When you get to the part where the bully (Harder) gets pounded by
the healer (Washington) you are just going to enjoy! Well Harder is not done paying for his sins, the Sons of Chaos (Levi Carter,
Bravo Delta and Dillon Rose) are here to collect or make him pay. Well the Sons of Chaos wrap Harder in saran wrap (don't
worry they leave a hole for his hole) and fuck him with toys with dicks on and around him! When we get to the lamb (Max
Ryder) he has been freed to be with Seth Son of Snakes (Dean Monroe). Well they get naked and the lamb sure can ride a
snake! Now it's time for the Redeemer Puck (Levi Karter) and Seth (Dean Monroe), and let me say their dance to being naked
is sexy and hot, romantic, and you can't wait till Monroe's dick is in Karter's juicy ass. But they flip and I think its hotter. This
is an amazing's deep and has so many layers, "50 Shades Of Grey" can only dream it can be as good as this movie!
  4 Stars!