2016. Falcon

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Johnny V, Ryan Rose, Jacob Peterson, Bruno Bernal, Rex Cameron and Fabio Acconi

    The movie starts with Ryan Rose and Jacob Peterson (who looks to have put on some bulk) making out and after Peterson
goes down on Rose and Rose puts a finger up some Jacobson ass, it's Ryan's turn to suck some dick. But as soon as Rose starts
eating Peterson we all know what's going to happen... Jacobson is getting fucked. OMG I am shocked and surprised when they
flip and Jacobson fucks Rose (it's hot). Next up we have Bruno Bernal and Fabio Acconi naked and making out. Acconi has a
think one and Bernal likes sucking on it, so it's thick Acconi dick going in juicy Bernal butt. Now we have Ryan Rose back with
the yummy Rex Cameron (my new porn star boyfriend!) both in old-school white jock straps humping and bumping on each
other. After the boys are 69ing each other, it's Cameron taking one for the team and enjoying the ride! Last but not least, we
have Fabio Acconi (thick cock!) and Johnny V (a butt that does tricks!) getting friendly with one another before Acconi does
the fucking. This is a hot movie with a surprise flip, but I was still distracted by the set that looked like an early 2015 Hot House
set (not a good thing).
3.75 Stars!