America's Next Hot Bottom


America's Next Hot Bottom
2013 Jet Set Men
Directed by Chris Steele
Starring: Brett Summers, Alexandar Gustavo, Andrew Fitch, Conner Kline, Jayden Ellis, Johnny Torque, Riley Banks
and Shane Jacobs

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Admit it, how have they never made this movie before?! It starts with a speedo contest and after the contestants talk
about the judges (they are talking trash), Brett Summers is turned on by judge Conner Kline and fantasizes about walking
in on Kline while he's jacking off. We know that jacking off leads to sucking and this being a good fantasy, they suck on each
other. When Kline starts eating Summers' ass you just know that Summers will be having Kline's big dick up his ass. Next we
have contestant Riley Banks who has a fantasy about sucking and then getting fucked by judge Alexander Gustavo (I think I
need to be a judge in the next movie). Well Banks' fantasy comes true for our eyes and after eating Banks' ass, Gustavo enjoys
fucking Bank's beefy ass. Now it's time for the next contest and they have to pick out super hero costumes. During this time,
Jayden Ellis has a 3-way fantasy with Andrew Fitch (he has nice balls) and Brett Summers. Now after the guys take turns
sucking on each other, it's time to fuck (but who is the first to be fucked?). Well it's Brett Summers and it's Fitch doing the
fucking. Not to be left out, Ellis takes his turn on Summers' ass and back and forth it goes. When they are all sitting on this table
and cumming it is just hot! Now readers, I know this will shock you but Brett Summers who has the biggest photo on the box
cover wins! This is a fun and silly movie with cute men having for me!
 3.9 Stars!