2013 Falcon

Directed by Andrew Rosen
Starring:  Ryan Rose, Ray Diez, Vance Crawford, Doug Acre, Justin Chase, Cooper Reed and Brandon Jones
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     First up is Ray Diaz and Vance Crawford and they are remembering five years ago when Crawford would come over and
they would play sucky sucky and then fucky fucky with each other (oh the old days). Next we have Doug Acre asleep with a big
hard-on and Justin Chase likes it. After jacking off watching Acre sleep, Chase goes in for a close up. When it comes time for the
fucking, I was suprised that with such a big dick, Acre was the one getting fucked. Wait, I feel better now...they flip fuck. The
scene that made me giggle was with Cooper Reed and Brandon Jones becase they are getting naked, sucking, eating ass and fucking
in Reed's parents backyard (what would the neighbors think?). Then we have Ray Diez who is one lucky boy and gets fucked by
Vance Crawford one day and the very next day he gets fucked by Ryan Rose (big time pumped). Now this is my idea of a good high
school reunion!

 3.85 Stars!