Alpine Wood Part 2


Alpine Wood Part 2
2014 Falcon

Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring: Brandon Jones, Landon Conrad, Luke Milian, Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark, Kayden Fleming, Alex Graham,
Nick Sterling and Leo Sweetwood
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

I always like it when Falcon takes their guys on vacation to shoot a movie -- they let you see the town they are filming in
and also if they are fucking inside they leave the curtains open so you can feel like you are with them! First up we have Brandon
Jones and Landon Conrad who are two very horny guys who can't make it to a couch or a bedroom. Instead they get naked on
the stairway. Well all I could think when Jones was getting fucked was hold on to the railing! Alex Graham and Nick Sterling are
getting all romantic taking a tour, but when they finally go inside and get in front of the fireplace it's time for them to get naked
and start sucking dick (thank god!). When it's time for the fucking you can almost hear Sterling's butt yelling fuck! Next
is Luke Milan and Chris Bines playing pool when Kaleb Klark comes in wearing only a towel. That towel doesn't even last two
seconds before they have it off and Milan and Bines are giving Klark a tongue bath. Don't worry, Milan and Bines finally get
naked and Milan gets fucked by Bines over the pool table (I have got to try that).Oh and then they flip. In the shower we have
Kayden Fleming rubbing one out when Brandon Jones comes in to help him out (HINT take your clothes off first, Jones). Lastly
we have Andrew Justice (who we have not seen enough of lately) and Leo Sweetwood who kind of have a daddy-boy thing going
on, and you know that Justice is doing the fucking. This is a hot movie with hot men...I liked it!

 3.9 Stars!