Alpine Wood Pt. 1


Alpine Wood Pt. 1

Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring: Ricky Decker, Ryan Rose, Landon Conrad, Kayden Fleming, Jimmy Durano, Like Milian, Angel Rock,
Nick Stirling and Chris Bines
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       It's 2014, Falcon has scruff and they have taken the boys to the mountains for a weekend of fun! If you are Landon
Conrad and are late for breakfast, what are you going (or who) nibble on? Looks like Ricky Decker and it looks like Decker
is getting a nibble in also. When Conrad starts eating on Decker's ass you know who is doing the fucking...Conrad. After the
fucking, Decker took on the dinning room table and I cant wait to see what's for dinner. Next up Nick Sterling is taking a bath
and Angel Rock asks if he can join him. After Sterling is done sucking on Rock's cock, it's Rock's turn to eat some ass (by the
sounds coming out of Sterling, Rock is good at it). Ass eating leads to fucking, and Sterling's big old booty likes Rock's dick up
it (tub sex is hot)! When it's time for a three way, we have Jimmy Durano, Chris Bines and Angel Rock in the hot tub together
and it's time to come out and play. Now if you heard Ryan Rose and Kayden Fleming making sex noises, and the door was open,
what would you do? Watch of course! Ryan Rose is one of the best versatile performers in porn today, but there is something
about watching him get fucked that is just hot! Alpine Wood is a good movie but I'm in no rush for Pt. 2.
 3.9 Stars!