All Stars


All Stars
2012 Hot House Entertainment
Directed by Christian Owen
Starring:  Chris Tyler, Jessie Colter, Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan, Spencer Fox, Topher Dimaggio, Trey Turner and Troy Haydon

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

When a movie is called "All Stars" do you see locker rooms and jockstraps? I hope I do! So when a movie starts with Jessie Colter
getting naked and Trey Turner already naked and putting some gel in his hair, I think we are going to have some fun. Plus, Colter
looks like he is going to eat Turner for breakfast. At this point Turner stops playing with his hair with Colter behind him and a very
hard dick. I think he wants to put it up Turner's butt! I am wrong, Colter is taking Turner's big dick up the ass and by the sounds
coming out of him he likes it! The good news is they are flippers and now it's Turner's turn to enjoy Colter's dick up his ass, and he
does. After working out, what would you do if you walked into the locker room to find Marc Dylan naked and with a hard on? Well
if you are Topher Dimaggio you suck it! Jimmy Durano is a very smart guy, but I find it hard to believe he is going to be the cleaning
guy at this gym (did director Christian Owen have to teach him how to vacuum?). Well after cleaning, the very sexy Spenser Fox
(my new favorite best juicy butt in gay porn today) joins him while looking for his phone. After Fox gets Durano's pants and jock
strap off and his very hot and large dick plops out, all you can think is it's going to be hot up Fox's big juicy ass. These two are so much
more than big dicks and hot asses, they are man thighs and fabulous arms and stomachs that you can do your laundry on. Plus, the
amount of cum that comes out of them is impressive!
 3.85 Stars!