All For One


All For One
Directed by Marty Stevens
Starring: Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Hoyt Kogan, Christen Lundgren, Adam Archuleta, Marcel Gassion and
Kevin Warhol

   When the movie starts we meet Jerome Exupery and Christen Lundgren who are speaking and kissing (I do not speak this
language but it's kind of hot). They decide to go back to their house and once in the gate they start kissing and dropping their
swim suits and Jerome is the first to start sucking dick! Lundgren must like it because he shoots all over Jerome's face... we
are talking a lot of cum. Well the guys decide to go inside and it's Jerome's turn to get his dick sucked, eat ass and do some
fucking! Now we meet Kevin Warhol who is making a healthy breakfast and brings it out for Helmut Huxly. After the guys
have a few bites and Warhol feeds Huxly a banana, Warhol is naked on the breakfast table and the guys are getting busy.
When Warhol starts fucking Huxley all I could think was what a waste of Huxley's big dick! Later Huxley and Warhol are
naked by the pool area when Jerome and Lundgren show up and the start talking... from what I can understand Jerome is
showing the hunky Lundgren off. All of a sudden their suits come off and all the guys are rubbing on each other. The guys
get out of the sun and go to the patio area where it seems Lundgren is being served on a platter and Jerome, Warhol and
Huxley all get to fuck him. Back out by the pool we meet Marcel Gassion who is naked and putting on some sun tan lotion
when Hoyt Kogan comes out and see's the naked Gassion. He likes it so much that he hides behind a bush and wacks off
watching him. Once Gassion notices Hoyt, he joins him behind the bush and starts sucking his dick. Now the drama starts
when Adam Archuluta comes out and is looking for his boyfriend, Hoyt. Hoyt the ho comes inside and starts sucking on
Archuleta, and from what I can understand (accents!) the guys invite Gassion in too. When he arrives the guys are hard
and jacking themselves off so Gassion joins in. Archuleta and Hoyt then take turns fucking Gassion and he likes it (so will
you!). This movie showed me that none of the guys in this movie have tan lines (hot), all the guys have really nice dicks, and
I want to meet the lucky guy who get to trim their pubes and shave their balls!

 3.95 Stars!