Alex Mecum

Tom Olah: Why did you first get into porn?
Alex Mecum: Well, its been said that you know you’re in the right career if you would do the same work
without getting paid – I’ll definitely have sex with or without the paycheck [laughs]. Actually, I guess it was a
few years in the making. I was somewhat of an exhibitionist when I was a teenager. I first started doing erotic
gay modeling and have been photographed by some pretty awesome artists like Mark Henderson, Kevin Hoover
and Rick Day, all who have publications specifically geared toward that type of modeling. It was really an opportune
time when I was asked to do porn: I was working three part-time jobs, continuing my education and conducting
research for a grant I had received. I found that I was overstressed, constantly worried about finances and, in general,
not enjoying my life. I would say the reason I got into this industry was because I wanted the ability to enjoy the
things I used to enjoy: Traveling, spending time with family and friends, being able to donate time and money to
worthy causes and letting my ambition to make decisions rather than my wallet. Life is meant to be enjoyed and
not just endured. I still tutor math, but I now do it because I enjoy it and not because I rely on it for income.

TO: How did you get into porn?
AM: I was approached by Rod Mannion on Twitter and he just asked me if it was something that would interest me.
I said yes and then had a Skype interview with Chris Crisco, who has worked in the porn industry for years. Our first
interview was pretty funny because I was right on time and so we held the interview while I was getting my eyebrows
done. Chris later told me that was his first indication that I would probably be good in this business since I was pretty
public about working in porn [laughs].

TO: How did you come up with your porn name?
AM: It’s actually not a very glamorous story. It was not originally a suggestive, terrible pun. Both are family names
of people I admire: Mecum from my dad’s side and Alexander from my mom’s. I came up with the name long before
I ever did porn.

TO: What was your first day on a porn set like?
AM: I really wasn’t prepared. My first scene was with Cocky Boys. I couldn’t have asked for a better studio to begin
work with than them. They were amazing. I was actually very stressed out. I worried about how I looked, how I would
perform, what my partner would think of me, etc. I didn’t realize how much production work went into these as well.
I just figured you had sex. In reality, there is so much work that is done behind the scenes to make sure lighting is good,
the backdrop is visually compelling, sound mike is in an ideal location and so much more. Then, as far as the actors are
concerned, hormones need to be in the right state, penetration has to be clearly seen, extended takes occur in order to
get all the different camera angles needed for post-production. It was a lot for me being my first scene. RJ Sebastian
was so great and very patient.

TO: Do you watch a lot of porn yourself?
AM: Not really actually. These days, I do in order to see what I think looks good. I want to be the best I can be and
watching sort of helps me figure out what looks hot. This really is an art in my opinion. Sometimes there’s more
opportunity to apply these things than other times. It all depends on what the director wants done. Sometimes I really
have no clue on what would look best in what position we’re asked to do.

TO: Do you know if your friends watch your movies?
AM: Oh yes, sometimes more out of curiosity, sometimes because they like it. I had a real good friend tell me he was
totally grossed out when he checked out a video out of curiosity. Still, he fast-forwarded to the cum shot anyway [laughs].

TO: What is the biggest misconception people have about working in porn?
AM: I think people sometimes generalize porn actors as irresponsible, unable to hold a real job, or holding a life of partying
and drugs. Generalizations rarely reflect reality in my experience. Of course, there are all types of people in porn. I think
that’s what makes it fun. It’s fun to see all the different personalities that get together to make these videos. I’ve met some
very smart, creative, charismatic and handsome people in this industry who apply their talents in different ways.

TO: Have you ever had a chemistry problem with a scene partner?
AM: Yes, I have. I think that’s what producers fear the most. Just like real life, there are people you click with and people
you don’t. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that personality goes a long way in porn. Looks are very much

TO: In “VIP-After Hours,” you get to fuck Johnny V’s bubble ass. I have to ask, does it do tricks?
AM: [Laughs] Okay, so this may sound weird but I remember one scenario pretty vividly: Johnny was bent over at 90
degrees. His back was completely flat and didn’t show any tension in his hips or hamstrings. He’s got some pretty flexible
hips which is great for making your butt pop. I want to be able to do that someday.

TO: Is it difficult to stay “happy” with a film crew watching?
AM: I’ve been able to work with some great people actually. Once I got over the stress of the expectation others have of you
to perform, then it doesn’t really matter. I remember working on the set of VIP with Falcon Studios when I was still fairly
new. It had the biggest crew of any studio I worked with, but one thing that I think really characterized production at Falcon
is that they are all on your side: All they wanted was for me to be comfortable. I loved working with Tony DiMarco and the
rest of the Falcon Crew. They really do welcome you like family. Kent Taylor threw a barbecue just for me last time I worked
with Hot House. Just like in real relationships, we allocate a certain amount of trust into others. That doesn’t just apply to a
scene partner but also to the crew. A crew who you can trust have your best interests at heart is very valuable.

TO: Has working in porn impacted your sex life in your private life?
AM: Yes. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned about what I’m insecure about and how I view myself sexually and
also how I view others. It’s been very good. You really realize doing this how human we all are, what needs we all have,
and the desire we have to be accepted. It’s been a very humanizing experience.

TO: What is the best part of working in porn?
AM: Traveling and meeting so many great people.

TO: Who is your dream sex partner you still want to work with?
AM: Hmm … Well, I don’t really know too many porn actors. I do want to work with Paddy O’Brian someday though.
He’s pretty hot. Most the people in porn I remember based off of my experience with them rather than contemplating a
future event I might have with them.

TO: What can we look forward seeing you in this year?
AM: I’m working with Marc MacNamara on this new series we have coming out with Men. I can’t remember which TV
show he said it was based off actually, since I don’t watch TV [laughs]. Apparently it’s based off this one show where the
main character just can’t stop killing. In my case, I can’t stop having sex and I use any means necessary to get out of
responsibilities in order to get sex. It’s still classy though. Marc is an amazing artist and has been in the industry for a while.
I love his cinematography so I’m excited about this. As far as what’s coming next, I really don’t know right now. I might
be able to go to Spain soon with Men. That will be a fun experience. I’ll keep you all posted.

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Alex Mecum?
AM: I only have a Twitter account currently. I’m not much into the social media thing. But you can follow me there. My
handle is @alex_mecum there on Twitter.

Photos Courtesy Falcon Studios

This article ran in the March 22, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.