2014 NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Trenton Ducati, Max Cameron, Christen Wilde, Trieno, Jimmy Durano, Conner Kline, Leo Forte and
Drew Sebastian
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

My new favorite way to start a movie...have Trenton Ducati naked, tied up, and duct tape over his mouth and have Max
Cameron come in to taunt and tease him. Once Cameron finally gets naked, the restrained Ducati is driven crazy with lust
and when Cameron finally sits on Ducati's dick, I am surprised he did not cum on the spot. Finally Ducati free's himself (it's
only duct tape) and has Cameron eating his ass like a pig in heat. I was not surprised when they flipped and Ducati was
getting fucked...boy did he like that Cameron dick up his ass. Trieno has a thing for Christian Wilde...okay an addiction...and
this is a movie so dreams do come true. Trieno finally gets Wilde to fuck and he says it feels so good (doggie style, bouncing on
Wilde's dick, in a bed and on a chair). But it's only for his dreams. Now we have Conner Kline (why did he retire?) and Jimmy
Durano. No surprise here that Durano is the top (give it up Jimmy) and Kline reminds us what a very talented bottom he is. In
the last scene, Leo Forte is with Drew Sebastian and Max Cameron who are in all black outfits with their dicks cut out for Forte
to be able to suck on and get fucked by. This is a hot yet different movie and I liked it.
 3.9 Stars!