Adam Ramzi

Tom Olah:  Adam, what kind of kid were you growing up?
Adam Raqmzi:   I was definitely a faggy kid who loved all things pretty and artsy, from flowing
fabrics to musicals. My parents split when I was 7, and it was the furthest thing from amicable,
so that dulled my torch for a while, but it came back eventually.

T.O:  Were you a naked kid?
A.R:  I would say I’m way more a naked adult than I ever was a naked kid.

T.O: Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl?
A.R: A boy. I’m what they call a “gold star gay.”

T.O: How did you first get in to porn?
A.R: It’s a long story. It starts with Chris Ward finding pictures of me on the Internet and reaching out.
He said he thought I was exactly what the Raging Stallion brand was looking for. He thought I’d be
good at representing what they’re all about, and if porn was something I was at all interested in, I should
reach out to him. It didn’t take long for me to be convinced.

T.O: What was your first day on a porn set like, and who was your first scene partner?
A.R: Actually, you can read about my first shoot right here:
I write a column for about the experience of being in porn, and this was my second piece.

T.O: As a Nakedsword exclusive, you get to work with the fabulous mr. Pam. What is it like to have her direct
your scenes?
A.R:   I love working with Mr. pam for so many reasons. She always conducts her set on the premise that the
act of gay sex is a joyful, amazing thing. It’s always a positive, drama-free environment. She is smart, fun and
energetic. She doesn’t micromanage the way the scene should go. She allows her models to create their own
chemistry, and then follows their lead, at least for part of it. She’s one of my favorite directors I’ve ever worked
with, and I can’t wait for more!

T.O: What did your friends say when they found out you were doing porn?
A.R:  You know, different friends had different reactions. Some were confused, some were like, “Fuck, yeah,
go for it!” As time went on, perspectives shifted, depending on the person and the circumstances, but most of my
close friends know I have my head on my shoulders about it all.

T.O: Do you think they watch?
A.R:  I’m sure some of them do, and why the hell not? Some of my friends make it a point to tell me that they
don’t watch, like they’re respecting my privacy, and I’m always like “Well, that’s fine, but if you were in porn,
just know that I would definitely watch.” But I guess I’m a perv like that.

T.O: What does your family think of your porn career?
A.R: Again, different strokes for different folks. Certain members thought I was ruining my life, but others were
extremely supportive. When my mom knows I’m shooting, she’ll send texts like, “How’s work, honey?” And one
time, she even called me to ask which studio I worked at for a friend. I was like, “Mom, no!” but secretly, I loved it.

T.O: What can we look forward to seeing you in this year?
S.K: You’ll have to wait and see.

T.O:  In “Biggest Catch,” you get to drive a fabulous convertible BMW. Did they let you keep it?
S.K: They did not, but it was absolute confirmation of my previous idea that my next car will definitely be a
convertible. I have to grow my hair out a little longer for the full experience, though.

T.O: What does Adam Ramzi do on a free night?
A.R: I am a jack of many trades and a lover of many experiences. I’m good for a crazy night in a fun, colorful club,
and I’m also good for movies, dinner and games with my besties. It’s been more of the latter, since nightlife has
become a big part of my income.

T.O: Best way to keep up with all things Adam Ramzi?
A.R: My twitter is @adamramzixxx and my Instagram is @aramk3. I’ve also been kind of obsessed with Periscope,
which has given me a new outlet to show fans what life is like as a human, not just a Twitter handle or a hired dick.
It’s been a lot of fun.

This article ran in the August 25, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.