Ace Stone     Photos Courtesy of Randy John

Tom Olah:  Ace How did you first get in to porn?
Ace Stone:  Honestly I have always wanted to do porn so I applied and got accepted and love doing it!
T.O:  What was your first day on the set like?
A.S:  (Laughing) Funny story the company I started with asked me to do a scene with a female, I was hesitant at
first but I did it. It was a little nerve racking but in the end it was fun.
T.O:  Who was the first person you had sex with when a camera was involved?
A.S:  A female from the previous site I worked for named Jamie
T.O:  Was the first person you had sex with a boy or a girl? and how old were you?
A.S:  My first was a girl when I was 15.
T.O:  Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
A.S:  Brief all the way
T.O:  Does your family know about your porn career?
A.S:  Yes and they are very supportive of my life choices.
T.O:  Who is your fantasy porn star that you want to have sex with?
A.S:  There are a lot in the industry that are my type but at the moment Paddy O'Brian is one I would like to have
sex with.
T.O:  Congratulations on being signed by Trenton Ducati Models, how did they find you?
A.S:  Actually we met at this years Grabby's, I worked for an exclusive company at the time but Trenton said whenever
I was over that company to give him a call.
T.O:  Do you have to have sex with Trenton has part of the audition?
A.S:  I wish! (Laughing)
T.O:  Market Days weekend you are performing at Steamworks will you be inviting your friends?
A.S:  All are welcome everyone that knows me knows I'm not the shy type. (Smiling)
T.O:  Do you know who you will be performing with yet?
A.S:  Not at the moment my first live partner had to cancel so we are on the look for another candidate.

T.O:  Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Ace Stone?
A.S:  On Twitter @AceStone33 or they can find me on Facebook.

This article ran in the July 29, 2014 Issue of GRAB Magazine.