Aaden Stark

(Photos Courtesy of LucasEntertainment.com)

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Aaden Stark: I simply was at the right place at the right time, meeting the right person, I guess. Even though
I was playing with the thoughts of doing porn since I was 16, I would’ve probably never started it without
having that certain conversation.

TO: Growing up, were you a kid who liked to be naked?
AS: To be honest, I’ve always liked getting dressed… but obviously, I liked getting undressed a lot more.

TO: You are an attractive man. Did guys check you out in the showers in high school?
AS: First of all, thank you. As I remember, it was more likely me who was checking them out. And some of
them definitely caught my look, but unfortunately I don’t have an interesting high-school hookup story, as I recall.

TO: What was your first day on the set like and who was your first scene partner?
AS: I was a bit nervous and very excited. I am so glad that Michael Lucas led me through my first scene.
He was very caring and helpful. He’s taught me a lot.

TO: Was the first person you ever had sex with a boy or a girl? How old were you?
AS: Okay, this is sort of an interesting story, because I was really underage my first time with a girl (13) and
years after that came my first boy (17). And just to make it clear, I don’t think I’m bisexual, I’m definitely gay,
but when you’re young and horny you’ll fuck anyone.

TO: Are you a boxer or brief kind of guy?
AS: I like many kinds of underwear as long as they’re sexy and stylish. I have some long johns that I wear sometimes
as PJs, I have boxers, too, some tight shorts for workout. Though mostly I wear briefs, I really find jockstraps attractive
as well as designer underwear pieces that can be perfect for any performance.

TO: What did your family and friends say when they found out you are doing porn?
AS: There are people who think it’s dangerous, there are people who think porn actors have no responsibility. There
are others who are simply too much of a prude to understand this – and then there are my family and real friends.
They will stand by me whatever I do, wherever I go. Of course, each of them has the opinion and I’m glad they’re
not afraid to tell… But there are reasons why they are family and friends.

TO: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about people who do porn?
AS: What is the biggest? I probably don’t know. But there are surely a lot, and they’re likely all because of people
not understanding how the whole industry is built up. And as long as they don’t even try to look into it, the
misconceptions will continue.

TO: What is your dream performer who you want to be filmed with?
AS: I’ve just had a scene not long ago with my biggest crush, Tomas Brand, and I didn’t find a new one yet to hope
for, but soon I’ll have some names in mind.

TO: What is it like to be directed by the legendary Michael Lucas?
AS: Actually, very relaxing. He’s professional and great at guiding us. I learn a lot during each of my scenes, and
being on set during others, too.

TO: What films can we look forward to seeing you in 2018?
AS: The first one I have coming out in 2018 is Fit As Fuck, a competition-themed movie.  I had a scene with Dylan
James, and another with Manuel Skye and Damon Heart, where the prize I won was getting gangbanged. I believe
that’s gonna be a fun title. I have some more shoots coming up and other scenes coming down the line as well, so
stay tuned!

TO: Best way to keep up with all things Aaden Stark?
AS: Find me on Twitter, @AADENSTARKXXX and on Instagram, @aadenstark. Currently, there are no other
social media used by me.

This article ran in the January 9, 2018 Issue of GRAB Magazine.