A Wicked Game


A Wicked Game
2014 NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring:Ryan Rose, Duncan Black, Jarec Wentworh, James Hamilton, Valentin Petrov, Ty Royal and Rikk York

    We start with detective Jarec Wentworth who goes to his boyfriend's (Rikk York) and fucks him by the pool (I believe this
happens a lot in Ft. Lauderdale). But this is a movie with a plot, so in the next scene we have a very upset Ryan Rose and his
tied up dead husband Duncan Black with detective  Wentworth now on the scene. So flash back to when Black was alive and
the newlyweds are out on their very large boat, Black is in the ocean swimming naked and gets out to join the naked and erect
Rose to get busy. Rose eats some major ass and fucks Black. Rose fucks Black every which way and Sunday and gives new
meaning to motion of the ocean. Back on land and sleeping, the hooded kidnapper (James Hamilton) gags and ties up both
Black and Rose. Black and Rose start to wake up and the naked Rose is butt up when Hamilton starts playing with his ass and
starts finger fucking him. Hamilton rapes Rose and makes Black watch. There is a major plot twist but I am not going to tell you.
I highly recommend that you watch this movie!
 3.95 Stars!