A Taste of Brazil


A Taste of Brazil
2018. Falcon Studios
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Alam Wernik, Woody Fox, Skyy Knox, Johnny V, Alexander Muller, Joaquim Cruz, Danny Montero, Remy Cruz

   Plain and simple: It’s cold outside and I need to feel the sun and warmth, so thank you to Falcon and the men of A Taste
of Brazil! I see palm trees (yay) and hot and horny Alexander Muller and Alam Wernik as they head to their bedroom. Muller
is first to lose his suit, so Alam can lick and suck before his suit comes off. It’s no shock when Muller starts playing with Alam’s
ass and when Alam sits on Muller’s dick, but it is truly amazing to watch Alam bounce on a dick! When Muller starts munching
on Alam’s ass, trust me, Alam appreciates his hard work. Later, we find Skyy Knox going out on his balcony to find Joaquim
Cruz swimming and watches when he takes his suit off to skinny dip. When Cruz gets out of the pool, Knox invites him up. Zero
time is wasted when Cruz comes in the room where they immediately start making out and feeling each other up. Knox shortly
starts sucking on Cruz’s erect cock when it pops out of his suit; Cruz also takes his turn sucking on Knox. Then the guys go to
the couch for Knox to get his ass eaten before Cruz starts plowing Knox; I just love how Knox is hard the whole time he is getting
fucked. Next, we find Remy Cruz playing in the pool before he goes in the house to wake Johnny V up by licking on his nipple.
(You can wake me up that way!) Johnny wakes up for some lip action before he returns the favor and starts sucking on Remy’s
dick. When the suits come off, it’s Johnny who’s getting his ass eaten. Then Remy starts teasing him with his dick before he fucks
him. Now Johnny is a man who can really sit on a dick and you have to watch how he just bounces (such core strength). When
Woody Fox comes back to the house, he finds the uber sexy Danny Montero reading a book before they start making out. It’s
really hot and they start rubbing and bumping on each other. By then, Danny’s shorts come down for some ass-eating (Danny
has an amazing ass). Then it’s Danny’s turn to suck dick and that’s when Fox starts playing with Danny’s ass and butthole which
gets hotter when Fox takes him doggy style on the white couch. After watching this movie, you will be wanting a trip to Rio to
fulfill all of your Brazilian fantasies.
  3.9 Stars!