3 Ways 3


3 Ways 3
2016. Bel Ami
Directed by Luke Hamill
Starring: Kevin Warhol, Torsten Ullman, Marcel Gassion, Peter Annaud, Jack Harrer, Dylan Maguire, Harris Hilton,
Andrel Karenin, Yuri Karenin, Yuri Alpatow, Florian Nemec and Ariel Yanean

Let's be honest, if you're reading this review you have either had a three way or have fantasied about having one! We start
with a sleeping Dylan Maguire who is woken up by Jack Harrer. Harrer's goal for the day is for them to have a threeway (he
is the man of my dreams now) and he already has number three picked out... Peter Annaud. After everyone gets naked the
guys take turns munching on Annaud's ass (lucky man). I don't think this is going to shock anyone, but the guys take turns
fucking Annaud. For the second threeway we start with them already in bed... Torsten Ullman, Harris Hilton and Andrel
Karenin (the lucky Karenin in the middle). Once everyone is naked and done making out and sucking each other's dicks, it's
Karenin with his legs in the air and the other guys taking turns eating his ass. It's no shock that he is the first to get fucked.
After some more kissing and dick sucking, the guys then take turns fucking Hilton. Now onto the third threeway we are on
the beach with Kevin Warhol, Yuri Alpatow and Florian Nemec who are playing catch with a football and finding reasons
to rub on each other. Well the guys go back to the house to hose off and we learn that Warhol is interested in having his first
threeway, but the other guys are going to have to teach him how it all goes (LOL). After some sucking and ass eating by all,
it's no surprise when the guys take turns fucking Alpatow. In the final threeway we meet romantic couple Ariel Yanean and
Marcel Gassion who are staying at an amazing resort. After a very romantic rubbing and bumping in the shower, it's Gassion
getting fucked on the bathroom counter top. Once the guys dry off they are touring the resort and run into Peter Annaud who
is jacking off and finger fucking himself. What does a sweet couple do? Well they start by sucking his dick and then start eating
his ass! If you like threeways I highly recommend this movie!

 3.8 Stars!