2 Men Kiss


2 Men Kiss
2017. Titanmen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Lorenzo Flexx, Liam Knox, Dallas Steele, Dirk Caber, Anthony London, Alex Mecum, Adam Ramzi and Jason Vario

At the time this movie was reviewed I had not been to the beach yet this year and was in desperate need of a vacation, so
when this movie opens with Liam Knox jumping in a pool in Palm Springs I was ready to play! When Knox gets out of the
pool and dries off he finds super daddy Dallas Steele ready to engage! The guys are still on the patio when the swimsuits come
off and Knox is sucking on some steel hard Dallas dick. Once they go inside Knox needs to munch on some ass before he fucks
it. With this being 2017 and the year of the flip, Titanmen received the memo and now it's Steele's turn to fuck (and Knox has
a hot ass)! In another part of town we meet Alex Mecum and Adam Ramzi who are making out... once the clothes start coming
off Ramzi starts playing with Mecum's hole (I can only dream to get to do that). Once Ramzi has a taste test with Mecum's hole
there is no question Ramzi has some fucking to do. I am happy to inform you they too received the memo and flip! Back at the
pool we find Dirk Caber who is working on his all-over tan. He must be horny because he starts playing with his butthole and
roles off and starts masturbating when he realizes Anthony London is watching naked and jacking off watching his show. Being
the friendly boy that Caber is, he invites London over and starts sucking on his dick. Once the guys go inside the also take turns
fucking one another! Back to the pool we go and meet Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario who are playing around naked (wink wink).
When the two get out of the pool (all I could think was WOOF) they head to the outdoor shower to play some more before going
inside because Vario has some ass to munch on and then fuck!

 3.85 Stars!